Fable 3 Pre-Order Details

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting Peter Molyneux’s Fable 3 from Lionhead Studios. The games combination of off-beat british humor and simple yet complex combat controls have made the Fable franchise fun for gamers of all skill levels. For those who choose to pre-order the latest entry into that series will be reward with several unique […]

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Fable 3 promises you won’t have to play alone

Fable 3 is set to drop this holiday season, and holds many upgrades. One of the upgrades making my quite happy is that Peter Molyneux says they unlocked the camera in Co-op and the players are able to travel as far from each other as they so please. The multiplayer features also include the ability […]

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The Girlfriend Gamer- “Chicken Kicker”

Chickens are awfully fun to kick, at least in video games. During the very first moments of playing Fable II with my gf, I got to experience her horrified gasp as I punted a chicken over a fence and did a touchdown dance on the couch next to her. This is one of those defining […]

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