The Girlfriend Gamer- “Chicken Kicker”

Chickens are awfully fun to kick, at least in video games. During the very first moments of playing Fable II with my gf, I got to experience her horrified gasp as I punted a chicken over a fence and did a touchdown dance on the couch next to her. This is one of those defining moments in any relationship: her first glimpse of how depraved you can actually be.

Fable II was the perfect starting game for us, as the combat controls were ultra simplified yet refined enough to give a veteran player some challenge. What’s more, the game is insanely funny and gave us many laughs together as we hunted down the trash-talking gargoyles stashed about and beat off the many admirers we’d gathered among the townsfolk. The best part of all was that it was the first game that we officially played together, so we shared the success of our character.

The love of my life would list this as a favorite game because it was the first that she played herself. She started as the “breadwinner”, helping me gather gold and completing achievements by doing the various jobs one finds in Albion. Which ties back into the idea of getting your gf involved in the game: in a short amount of time we had progressed from her being a spectator to her physically participating. It even gave me my first taste of console hogging.

The premise of Fable II is that you are a hero who suffers a tragic beginning and, when you come of age, you set off on a quest to make things right. It’s a pretty typical storyline set in a fantasy landscape, but what makes this game unique and entertaining is the superb voice acting from talented people such as Stephen Fry, and the ever-funny English wit. The humour makes it a perfect game to play with your gf, plus the game doesn’t take itself too seriously so there isn’t likely to be subject matter that might put her off.

To top it off, once you both have your own games in progress, you can make use of the co-op feature to give gold, items, and gifts to your significant other, another lovely element of togetherness. You can even see one another as glowing blue orbs if you’re running around in the same place in your separate games.

The whole world of Fable II changes based on the good and bad actions of your character so, when your gf comes to visit your game, she’ll see something new, and vice versa. And there is plenty to talk about while you play, discussing what each of you did on a certain mission and the like.

Overall, Fable II is the perfect starting game for you and your gf and, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy kicking chickens and trying to explain how you’ve obtained several children and a handful of diseases in a video game?


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