Kinect voice commands coming to Skyrim

Bethesda announced today that another mod from their company “Game Jam” would be making it into an official release. In a free title update for the Xbox 360 slated for this month, players will have the ability to use voice commands to further enhance and streamline their gaming experience. Players will be able to issue […]

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Skyrim: PC Mods – Jam Session

Let me say first and foremost that I am definitely not a PC gamer, the majority of my life I never even had the option to be one due to a lack of decent computer.Sure I played Age of Empires as a youngling, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to experience why so […]

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10 Things I’d Not Hate About Skyrim

So the first details of Skyrim are winging their way around the intermawebs, and we’re all squeaking quietly about the concept of dragon battles and the promised purty scenery. I, however, have an entirely unrelated list of wishes for my future Skyrim experience: 1)  More open-ended quests: Morrowind wasn’t given to offering choice; usually there […]

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