About Trial and Error

About the blog:

I started Trial and Error after I decided that I had something to say about gaming and the culture that has grown around it. This is my blog to share my excitement for upcoming titles, gaming news, and the games I’m currently playing. The opinions expressed in this blog are the opinions of myself (the author) and in no way seek to invalidate or belittle the opinions of others. I am maintaining this blog for the enjoyment of it and as such do not receive any sort of compensation for reviews or positive feedback I may give. If this changes I will gladly post this change of status on the blog as I will have wet myself from the sheer excitement that comes from legitimacy.

About the Authors:


Games have been my passion since I got my first Nintendo system and it hasn’t slowed down ever since. As a fine art major and curator and designer for a small family operated gallery I believe video games to be an emerging medium for artists that allows a level of interaction with the viewer that most art could never hope to have. The amazing thing about video games is that they can be whatever you want them to be, time killer, brain workout, stress reliever, artistic medium. There is a game for every type of mood and taste out there and this amazes me and makes me want to talk about games incessantly.


The original (in many, many ways) girlfriend gamer, indoctrinated into this whole console experience by the love of my life- the owner of this blog. I aim, mostly, to complement his genius by adding my tuppence ha’penny on games he wouldn’t touch with a bargepole, and on those he has instigated my passion for. Part Halo, part Harry Potter, part flap-and-miss-the-target.

MrGhosty can be reached Via email for Tips, News, or Suggestions at MrGhosty.TrialandError@gmail.com


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