Holiday Buyer’s Guide Part 2: Buying for the Gamer Girlfriend

Looking for a gift for the girlfriend or wife, but not convinced she’d appreciate sniperdom? Have no fear, there are many ways to sidle around this pitfall.

Fallout: New Vegas: For the love of all things holy, don’t be telling her you bought this one because you know she enjoys tidying things up, unless you want to be pairing your own socks for the next year. I have this title on my own Christmas list because, if it’s anything like its predecessor, it’ll be a heavenly treat of box searching, good storylines and the occasional shooting of people in the head.

Fable III: Such a beautiful, engrossing game in which it really doesn’t matter how fast your trigger finger is. There is comedy, story and scenery for all to enjoy, and no need to be the world’s best assassin to get through to the end. You can also play this one together and establish world domination as a couple, which is always a good bonding technique.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: According to the latest reviews, buying into the most recent Potter game is not to be recommended, even if you have a Kinect, and even if you’re a die-hard Potterite. May I therefore recommend the previous installment, which is still replete with the amusing minigames and castle wanderings that make the series bearable.

Borderlands: Many a happy hour I spent with Gamer Husband in this game, honing my skills as a sniper with a few subtle nudgings and the odd saving from a sticky death. It’s an awful lot of fun, whatever your player level, and particularly entertaining in co-op mode. If you want to show her how much you enjoy playing by her side, this is a good place to start.

Final Fantasy XIII: An aqcuired taste, to be sure, but if you haven’t thrown your own body through the screen by the hundredth sudden-intake-of-breath-for-no-good-reason, you’ll be far enough into the intriguing storyline to forgive the “acting”. It’s also got giant fluffy chicks and a man with a bird in his afro. Brilliant.

Kinect: Ah, the motherlode, the gift of all gifts. Thus far I have only had chance to spend an hour or so in its hallowed company, but by god it was a good couple of hours. If she’s a fitness fanatic, she’ll love the chance to work out with feedback. If she’s a dancer, she’ll have hours of fun pretending to be Lady Gaga. I cannot comment on much more than Dance Central and the party games, except to say that the Kinect is a lot more entertaining than its Wii or PS3 not-quite-equivalents, and much more impressive. And top of my own list, naturally.


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