Red Dead Redemption DLC Dated

For those of you still roaming the wild west searching for various herbs and avoiding the inevitable grizzly attack, you will be glad to hear that Rockstar’s next installment of Red Dead DLC has been date for September 21st for 800 MS points or 9.99 on the PSN. The Liars and Cheats DLC will feature […]

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Microsoft Plays Nice

As any who have been playing Xbox Live in the past two weeks is aware, there were a few issues when Modern Warfare 2’s map pack “Stimulus Package” hit xbox live on March 30th(more on that here). Recently Microsoft announced that they were making the avatar clothing item, “Night Vision Goggles” free to all for […]

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Modern Warfare Frags Xbox Live

Today should have been a great day, sadly it ended up being less than spectacular. After waking early before heading to class I set my console to downloading the Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” so that I would be able to play first thing when I got home. When I finally managed to get logged […]

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC

Tomorrow will prove to be a busy day for gamers, not only will there be five new maps coming for Modern Warfare 2 there is also two new ways to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer. Unlocking tomorrow will be two new game modes free to all who input their VIP codes upon purchase of […]

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