Why I stopped playing The Warz

I’ve been following and supporting the Warz since it’s alpha debuted in October, I’ve stayed throughout allegations of¬†fraudulent advertising, PR disasters of using language that no one should ever use, the game’s removal from Steam after only one day, and the horrible former moderator rubbish. Despite the game being extremely flawed in more ways than […]

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Merry Christmas!

  The day is soon upon when children both young and old eagerly open gifts and spend time with friends and family. Here at Trial and Error, I just wanted to take a few minutes and wish everyone a very warm and merry Christmas. There are steam games to be played and purchased thanks to […]

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The WarZ: removal from Steam and other fumbles

The News: The Warz has seen its fair share of conflict and drama this week, the game launched on Steam monday and within minutes of being available for purchase people began complaining about the “about” page on the store front. According to the store front’s page, the game made promises of features that do not […]

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WarZ New Player Survival Guide

The Warz is starting to see an influx of new players as of late, and spurred on by a recent forum post on the Warz forums I’ve decided to post a survival guide. This is by no means the definitive, end all of survival guides as most of what I’m about to tell you is […]

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