Halo:Reach – Game Impressions

Hello again dear readers, it is I, Mr Ghosty back from my shore leave and ready for action once again. I’ve long been touting the virtues of Bungie‘s swan song, Halo:Reach and I’m glad to report that save for a minor disappointment at not being able to have a Forge World map filled with forklifts, I was […]

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Born in the USA

It’s that time of year again, when Americans all across the country and abroad celebrate the day a little colony who spilled some tea became the great and diverse nation today. The fourth of July is also another day that we can keep the soldiers abroad putting their lives on the line for us in […]

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Halo: Reach Beta is Live!

The long anticipated beta is finally upon us, and after a few minor hiccups and set backs I was able to slip into some amazing multiplayer experiences. I think it is safe to say that I will never forget my first assassination utilizing the new kill animation sequence that can be done via holding down the […]

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