How Halo 4 rewarded my faith in the franchise

As I think to myself about what I enjoyed so much about Halo 4, I’m brought back to the Harry Potter books. These books were written in such a way as to grow with the children who started reading them with book one. I’m reminded of this by the way Halo 4 was handled by […]

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Ghosty gets a star and other related Bungie All Stars news

I have been remiss in blogging my exploits as of late, so today I pat my own back not once, but twice. During Week 4 of the Bungie All Stars contest we were tasked with the effort of creating a Halo Reach themed birthday card that Bungie would give out to their employees, the task […]

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Bungie All-Stars Week 3

The Bungie All-Stars contest is in its third week, the prompt this time was for contestants to submit a piece depicting what they thought Master Chief looked like with his helmet off.  This week I was fortunate enough to not only make it again but have my piece referenced in the update itself even if […]

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Halo:Reach – Game Impressions

Hello again dear readers, it is I, Mr Ghosty back from my shore leave and ready for action once again. I’ve long been touting the virtues of Bungie‘s swan song, Halo:Reach and I’m glad to report that save for a minor disappointment at not being able to have a Forge World map filled with forklifts, I was […]

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Halo:Reach – Midnight Madness

As the minutes tick by for the Halo Launch Event in Times Square, news of the lines and antics on display have begun pouring onto the web. London, a place near and dear to my heart, seemed to witness the first spectacle when a group of Spartans descended on Trafalgar square in the shadow of […]

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Sunday Edition: Halo:Reach

My dear readers, the frenzy around Halo:Reach and I am among the mob. This game has the potential to be game of the year even with several months left in  the year. Today’s Sunday Edition is going to be a round-up of some of the best of my Halo: Reach content here on Trial and […]

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Halo:Reach – Live Action Trailers

Microsoft has made it a habit of filming live action trailers for the Halo franchise since the ads used for the release of Halo 3. In the latest installment of these ads are two more of these amazing live action epics that only take place in the span of a few minutes. The first is […]

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