Ghosty gets a star and other related Bungie All Stars news

I have been remiss in blogging my exploits as of late, so today I pat my own back not once, but twice. During Week 4 of the Bungie All Stars contest we were tasked with the effort of creating a Halo Reach themed birthday card that Bungie would give out to their employees, the task […]

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Bungie All-Stars Week 3

The Bungie All-Stars contest is in its third week, the prompt this time was for contestants to submit a piece depicting what they thought Master Chief looked like with his helmet off. ┬áThis week I was fortunate enough to not only make it again but have my piece referenced in the update itself even if […]

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Editorial: Shooter Fatigue

    I can remember the days when shooters were just another genre of games, they held no more sway over gamers than the latest puzzle platformer or stealth based fare. Since the dawn of Xbox Live that trend has slowly been changing, in today’s market it seems most of the games available to players […]

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Holiday Buyers Guide

It is that time again dear readers, Christmas is nearly here and as we subtly slip hints to our significant others, parents, siblings, and friends we hope with all our might that they will get it right this. Or at least just get us a gift card. To help with the gift giving, I will […]

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Halo: Reach Pre-Launch Events

Considering the fact that the line has already started in Times Square at the Best Buy Theater, it is safe to say that a few people are eagerly awaiting Midnite of the 14th to get their hands on a copy of Halo: Reach. For those of you not in New York for this event, Many […]

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Halo: Reach – Launch Day Playlists

As the day nears when all good boys and girls will finally be able to play Halo:Reach, Bungie was kind enough to post the launch-day playlists. The list goes as follows: Rumble Pit-Free for All matches with some objective types. Max party size 8 Max local players 4 Team Slayer- 4 vs. 4 Slayer. Team […]

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Halo:Reach – Live Action Trailers

Microsoft has made it a habit of filming live action trailers for the Halo franchise since the ads used for the release of Halo 3. In the latest installment of these ads are two more of these amazing live action epics that only take place in the span of a few minutes. The first is […]

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