Resolutiongate and my general disgust with the gaming community at large

I want to begin this editorial ¬†with a disclaimer, I am a happy Xbox 360 owner as well as a PC gamer. While I loved my PS2 back in the day I have not been fortunate enough to own the PS3 due to funding limitations. That said, I think there have been some very compelling […]

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Some thoughts on FPS gaming

I recently had the chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and while it is by no means a new game it was the first of the game that I had played. I began my early gaming days cutting my teeth on titles such as Halo 2 and the Call of Duty franchise. […]

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Video Games as art

Since graduating from college I have long tried to reconcile my two passions: games and art. I’m not trying to use one to justify the other, I love what I love and it is as simple as that. More than simple consolidation, I have long used the debate about video games as art more as […]

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Xbox One: Not as bad as the internet will have you believe.

May 21st was an exciting day for me. I finally got to hear some news about Microsoft’s newest console and how they expect it to change my life.   The Xbox One is a console that has the ability to run your television signal through the box with an overlay of Xbox data helping to […]

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The death of Lucasarts

It was a sad day when Disney, the new caretakers of the Lucas empire, shut down Lucasarts. Aside from being responsible for many star wars titles, Lucasarts also were known for clever and entertaining adventure games such as Monkey Island and Grimfandango.   Many game news sources are taking a moment to remember this studio […]

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Planetside 2 : Training Day

With the release of the latest general update a new, incredibly interesting feature has finally been released, the virtual training simulator. The VR room allows soldiers to test any weapon, attachment,or vehicle upgrade in the game that is available to their faction. On top of this, the game creates virtual dummies that allow these players […]

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A new recruits Guide to Glory: pt 3

Planetside 2 does not exist in a vacuum. It would be impossible for me to list every tip and trick because by the time I press publish someone will have invented a new way to attack an objective or avoid a deadly fall. For the final installment I wanted to highlight some things that will […]

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