Grand Theft Auto Online

I’ve been a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise since 3 came and ate my childhood. I don’t mean that it destroyed my life, but more took up a large portion of it, what would feel like minutes roaming the streets of liberty city would , in fact, be hours. The newest installment […]

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Planetside 2 : GU13 Impressions

The developers at Sony Online Entertainment have been good about keeping Planetside 2 updated for their playerbase and the 13th update since launch is no different. While testing out some of the update I cam realize that this update almost felt like more than we actually were given, let me explain. In GU13 the lattice […]

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Video Games as art

Since graduating from college I have long tried to reconcile my two passions: games and art. I’m not trying to use one to justify the other, I love what I love and it is as simple as that. More than simple consolidation, I have long used the debate about video games as art more as […]

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Defiance: Free Weekend and More!

    In conjunction with the SyFy Channel’s Defiance Marathon, Trion are offering a free weekend for PC players via Steam. From now until sunday, players will be able to play Defiance for free to experience what they might be missing. As an added bonus to players already playing, bits (the currency in-game that can […]

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