Lycanthropy in Elder Scrolls Online – Become the wolf


Much like in Skyrim, Bethesda’s last Elder Scrolls title, players in the Elder Scrolls Online can contract Sanies Lupinus and then have the option to complete a related quest that will allow them to make the infection permanent.

The infection and quest

Sanies Lupinus can be contracted either through a randomly spawning werewolf mob just about anywhere or via being bitten by another player who has already gone through the transformation and has put a skill point into the appropriate passive in the werewolf skill line. The chances of getting the random mob tend to increase in higher level areas, and players can choice to bite you out of t he kindness of their hearts or for a fee.

Once you have been bitten you will then have a quest that must be completed within a week’s time of being bitten, this is accomplished by visiting a werewolf shrine in one of the later zones (the shrine on the Aldmeri Dominion faction is located in the norther section of Reaper’s March). Once you have the quest a portal will be opened for you to enter Hircine’s realm where you will be tasked with proving yourself worthy of the bite. After a brief bit of dialogue you will be turned into a werewolf and instructed to make a kill worthy of your pack.

Spawning into Hircine’s realm will randomly generate one of four possible creatures for you to kill as tribute to the pack. A snake, frost troll, regular troll, and mammoth are the creatures you will have a chance of facing. Each creature has a different strength and the enemy you receive is random. You can have a chance to get a different creature by leaving the realm, waiting a five minutes or so and then returning. You can receive the bite at any level but it is recommended that you be at least level 25  before doing so as these creatures can be very difficult to kill. As a werewolf you have a weakness to poison so facing the snake when you are many levels below it can greatly hinder your advancement in the quest.

Once you have made your kill you need to immediately signal your pack to join you and feed on the kill right away. Some players have reported not completing the quest after waiting too long to feed and having to start over. Once that is done you will be directed back to the shrine of Hircine for some more dialogue and then you can leave the realm and return to the main zone.

From here the fun has just begun!


After the turn

If you are a heavily focused PvP player, werewolf may not be the route for you to take. Once you have completed the quest you will have access to a new skill line nested under the world tab in your skills menu. You have the ultimate ability which allows you to transform once it is charged up and two attacks, Pounce and Roar. There are also a number of passives you will want to look at as well. Some allow for a faster charge up by taking hits while in human form. In order to bite other players you will need to put a point into the Bloodmoon passive that will allow you to bite another player once a week. Charging up your werewolf ultimate can take quite some times, and leveling your werewolf skills only happens while in werewolf form which lasts only a short time. You can extend the duration by putting a skill point into Devour, a passive that lets you feed on your recent kills to extend the timer duration.

One way that I found to quickly charge my ultimate without gaining an xp (I was terribly overleveled at the time) was to attack a creature with a large health pool. The ultimate is generated by hits rather than kills so you can easily wail away on a creature like Mammoths in Malabal Tor while backing up until the target disengages and returns to it’s original location. This resets the creatures health and allows you to continue on until you have your ultimate.

Another useful trick to charge your ultimate ability is to invest in some of the passives on your class skill tree that generate ultimate every time they’re used. On my Dragon Knight I was able to generate two ultimate (maxed out passive) every time I used the igneous weapons or obsidian shield abilities. As I use these constantly for normal combat, that little bit of help was just what I needed to charge up quickly.

Unlike most ultimates, the werewolf transformation ultimate will empty out if not fully charged or receiving regular points after a certain period of time. Using those passives to generate ultimate will stop this from happening but this isn’t an ability you will want to forget about. Once it is charged you level your werewolf by getting kills, this can be rather difficult as it takes some time to kill enemies at, or around, your skill level.


Tips and advice

A simple method to level your werewolf quickly and revel in the fun of the transformation is to level your ultimate in your current zone, and then take a wayshrine back to one of the starting zones. Find a location that is target rich so you can string kills together quickly and then go for it. For the Aldmeri Dominion faction, Kenarthi’s Roost is a great location to level your wolf. There are herds of sheep all over the island and by level 30 most enemies on the island die with one hit. Pairing this location with the devour passive you can string together kills and will have your wolf leveled in no time.

Once you get your werewolf ultimate to level six you will be given the option to morph the ability in one of two ways, you can opt to morph it into Pack leader which gives you a white werewolf and provides some bonuses to staying in werewolf form longer or you can opt to go the beserker route which gives you no cosmetic change but increases your damage output.

As said before, if you are wanting a special ability for use in PvP,  lycanthropy may not be the best route for you to take. The werewolf abilities are only active once you have turned, the transformation lasts for a relatively short amount of time and there are specific fighters guild passives that make you vulnerable to any player who put points into them.

The common method for acquiring a werewolf bite is to purchase one from another player but this is not without its risks for either party. The bite is not something that can be traded through the trade window and as such players can take advantage of eager werewolf prospects by offering a bite, taking money and then leaving. The inverse is also true where a player may receive the bite and then leave without paying for it. As with any sort of commerce within an MMO use your best discretion when dealing with people in the game.

You also cannot be infected by a vampire once you have become a wolf and vice versa.

If you do contract the bite and do not wish to turn completely, there is a dialogue option to visit a priest instead and cure the affliction.



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