Halo:Reach – Game Impressions

Hello again dear readers, it is I, Mr Ghosty back from my shore leave and ready for action once again. I’ve long been touting the virtues of Bungie‘s swan song, Halo:Reach and I’m glad to report that save for a minor disappointment at not being able to have a Forge World map filled with forklifts, I was […]

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Halo: Reach – Launch Day Playlists

As the day nears when all good boys and girls will finally be able to play Halo:Reach, Bungie was kind enough to post the launch-day playlists. The list goes as follows: Rumble Pit-Free for All matches with some objective types. Max party size 8 Max local players 4 Team Slayer- 4 vs. 4 Slayer. Team […]

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