The death of Lucasarts

It was a sad day when Disney, the new caretakers of the Lucas empire, shut down Lucasarts. Aside from being responsible for many star wars titles, Lucasarts also were known for clever and entertaining adventure games such as Monkey Island and Grimfandango.   Many game news sources are taking a moment to remember this studio […]

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Why I stopped playing The Warz

I’ve been following and supporting the Warz since it’s alpha debuted in October, I’ve stayed throughout allegations of¬†fraudulent advertising, PR disasters of using language that no one should ever use, the game’s removal from Steam after only one day, and the horrible former moderator rubbish. Despite the game being extremely flawed in more ways than […]

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Gaming Roundup

The web is full of many wonderful things, and it seems lately there is no shortage of free to play games out there. Two that I have recently been sucked into would be Blacklight:Retribution and Tribes:Ascend. Both games are first person shooters but they go in two very different directions. Blacklight:Retribution is a free to […]

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Bungie All-Stars Week 3

The Bungie All-Stars contest is in its third week, the prompt this time was for contestants to submit a piece depicting what they thought Master Chief looked like with his helmet off. ¬†This week I was fortunate enough to not only make it again but have my piece referenced in the update itself even if […]

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Holiday Buyers Guide

It is that time again dear readers, Christmas is nearly here and as we subtly slip hints to our significant others, parents, siblings, and friends we hope with all our might that they will get it right this. Or at least just get us a gift card. To help with the gift giving, I will […]

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