Trial and Error’s E3 Dreams

Even before I began writing for Trial and Error, I always looked forward to E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the first chance gamers get to see this years and some of next years big release titles. ┬áNow that I am writing on this blog and scrutinizing games even more than I used to, I […]

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Bungie Partners with Activision

It was announced today that Bungie studios(creators of the Halo franchise) and Activision(Guitar Hero, Call of Duty) have formed a partnership to develop and deliver Bungie’s next creative IP over possibly multiple platforms over the course of the next ten years. As the open beta for Halo: Reach nears on May 3rd, the news of […]

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Modern Warfare Frags Xbox Live

Today should have been a great day, sadly it ended up being less than spectacular. After waking early before heading to class I set my console to downloading the Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” so that I would be able to play first thing when I got home. When I finally managed to get logged […]

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