One man’s trash is another man’s game

Used game sales have always been a hot topic item in the gaming industry. As games get more expensive to produce and distribute, it just seems to get hotter. Couple that with the fact that publishers are trying to get a piece of the used game market, by offering online passes that are free for […]

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Halo: Reach Pre-Launch Events

Considering the fact that the line has already started in Times Square at the Best Buy Theater, it is safe to say that a few people are eagerly awaiting Midnite of the 14th to get their hands on a copy of Halo: Reach. For those of you not in New York for this event, Many […]

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Medal of Honor Scandal

Once again, another scandal has struck yet another modern first person shooter. Recently Gamestop announced that they were “voluntarily” pulling all marketing materials and ceasing pre-orders for the upcoming military shooter, Medal of Honor. In an internal memo to Gamestop, employees were told that, if someone came in to pre-order the game, they were to […]

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