Lycanthropy in Elder Scrolls Online – Become the wolf

Much like in Skyrim, Bethesda’s last Elder Scrolls title, players in the Elder Scrolls Online can contract Sanies Lupinus and then have the option to complete a related quest that will allow them to make the infection permanent. The infection and quest Sanies Lupinus can be contracted either through a randomly spawning werewolf mob just […]

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Magic: The Gathering – Anniversary Gift

Towards the beginning of October we were struck by a freak blizzard that was so bad it froze power lines and left many across the region without power. While not as bad as some had it, my wife and I were without power for a good chunk of time. When this happened we were left […]

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Grand Theft Auto Online: Tips and Tricks

Grand Theft Auto Online released on October 1st and despite a very rocky opening month the gameplay is a lot of fun. ¬†As the game doesn’t often make things clear I have some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up while playing that just may give you a much needed edge as you enter the […]

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Defiance: enter, the plague

The Defiance devs have just rolled out a new chunk of content for players of their mmo. The content was hinted at briefly last week where players were tasked with finding three data recorders at different locations that were occupied by some very ill people. It turns out that if gone untreated, these people become […]

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Defiance: Time Well Spent

I recently gave my first impressions on the new third person, shooter MMO called Defiance. Since all of that information remains true, I would¬†recommend you go read that first before carrying on. Done? Good, now I will regal you with stories from the tattered landscape of the San Francisco Bay area. Once you start in […]

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The death of Lucasarts

It was a sad day when Disney, the new caretakers of the Lucas empire, shut down Lucasarts. Aside from being responsible for many star wars titles, Lucasarts also were known for clever and entertaining adventure games such as Monkey Island and Grimfandango.   Many game news sources are taking a moment to remember this studio […]

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A new recruits Guide to Glory: pt 3

Planetside 2 does not exist in a vacuum. It would be impossible for me to list every tip and trick because by the time I press publish someone will have invented a new way to attack an objective or avoid a deadly fall. For the final installment I wanted to highlight some things that will […]

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