Resolutiongate and my general disgust with the gaming community at large

I want to begin this editorial  with a disclaimer, I am a happy Xbox 360 owner as well as a PC gamer. While I loved my PS2 back in the day I have not been fortunate enough to own the PS3 due to funding limitations. That said, I think there have been some very compelling games on the Playstation and I’m sure there will be just as many on the PS4 but Microsoft will be getting my money when I can actually afford one. Now, let’s begin.


For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with the latest development in the Xbox/Sony Hate Debate, the aforementioned Resolutiongate incident hinged on the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts plays at native 1080p on PS4 and only 720p on the Xbox One. There is a bit more to the story but I won’t rehash any more of it than I need to in order to make my point. This has reinvigorated the pointless XB1 vs PS4 debate that has kept the internet warm these past few months with its collective flames. It has even gone to a point where gamers have managed to craft a scapegoat for their anger in the form of Adam Sessler with Rev3 games of former G4 fame. Apparently people aren’t allowed to change their minds if they say anything on video. These latest attacks on the Sess, and the pointless verbal bloodshed between fanboys of both Xbox and Playstation have genuinely made me ashamed to call myself a gamer.

I have never considered myself a hardcore gamer, I have other interests and my employment is completely freelance so I no longer have the guarantee of regular hours as I must begin tasks as soon as I receive them. I give this background information to explain why I consider myself a passionate gamer rather than a hardcore gamer. I love games, and actually Adam Sessler is the reason I’m wittering at you right now. Watching the way he injected other aspects of our culture into the art of game critique inspired me to do what I do even if no one reads it. I have always been inspired and awestruck by the things our community can do when it pulls together. We raise money for disaster relief and  children’s hospitals, we create communities within these games that become like families for some, we have even done our part to help cure actual diseases. So when I see that brilliant community turn inwards upon itself I feel a profound sadness. At this point you might say, “yeah, well…internet” and you would be right but I had long thought that we could rise above the rancor that swirls around the internet like a nasty hate fart, lingering where you don’t want it to.

The debate between Xbox One and PS4 is pointless, you’re either going to buy one of them, or neither of them and that’s the end all. Accusations have been levied against Adam Sessler that he’s a Microsoft apologist or on the payroll and that is idiocy. While he might have leanings one way or the other, the most Adam has championed is moderation and making an informed decision based on facts not knee-jerk fanboyism. Personally I will aim to own the Xbox One because I like Microsoft, I love Halo, the online components have always worked well for me and the concept of a media center suits my lifestyle. On the other hand I tend to mistrust Sony, they leaned far too heavily on Microsoft’s mistakes at E3 rather than simply telling me why I should buy their console. “Because we don’t suck like the other guy” is not a tactful nor helpful answer to that question. At the end we need to treat this like any other consumer product. Some will buy it, some will not and there will always be insinuations of superiority by the various brands. The competition between consoles is great for gamers on both sides of the gulf as it will bring us innovative titles to enrich our gaming lifestyle. Where it can go wrong is if we see too much of this senseless fanboyism from either side, we need to critically evaluate all the factors and if we just choose a side and blindly support them we will never get the next gen titles we should.

Hopefully once the consoles launch people will begin playing both and this hate debate can settle down to it’s typical hum, I’m just interested in seeing what sort of experiences can be brought with new hardware and getting a chance to take a break from the real world.



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