A change in format

I have to begin this post by apologizing to my readers, I have been a bad writer by not having posted anything in some time. Part of the reasoning has been a change in how I consume video games. Due to real life limitations via funding I was never able to quickly and reliably do game reviews. I was able to do some as I still love buying games and then talking about them but my work started to go in a more editorial direction. I’m not overly opinionated and refuse to ever write something simply to get views so those editorials only come when I genuinely feel strongly about a topic.

As I lay thinking about how I could better serve my readers it occurred to me that I have more interests than just video games. When it comes to anything remotely geeky I can be relied upon to have an opinion and an interest in said thing. Starting this week and moving forward Trial and Error will be branching out to encompass all things geek, be it video games, comics, art, music, movies, whatever. I have a few upcoming articles planned for the week and hope to increase posting frequency as well. As a caveat, while I intend to post more content I am going to try and not make each a novel’s length.

You can look forward to an ongoing series talking about my wife and I’s forray into Magic: The Gathering, some toys and tech that strike my fancy, and some tips and tricks when facing life in Los Santos in GTA Online. I hope that readers will stay with me while we transition into, what I feel, a more entertaining format.


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WarZ: Heart of Darkness

The WarZ launched its alpha on the 15th of October and within a few days had reached over 94,000 players and 24,000 concurrent users by October 19th. The game is described by the developers as a zombie survival MMO and it first steps forward are promising.   These are the zombies that you’re looking for: […]

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Editorial: Shooter Fatigue

    I can remember the days when shooters were just another genre of games, they held no more sway over gamers than the latest puzzle platformer or stealth based fare. Since the dawn of Xbox Live that trend has slowly been changing, in today’s market it seems most of the games available to players […]

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