Planetside to add SMGs, as well as other tweaks to the game

  Update: The Planetside 2 update has been delayed in order for further testing to ensure everything is in working order. No word when it is planned to be released The developers of Planetside hope to steal even more of your gaming time by including some tweaks to the game addressing dynamic xp earning, SMGs, […]

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Medal of Honor Warfighter out of the rotation

Electronic Arts has opted to remove Medal of Honor from its yearly rotation. This decision was made after Medal of Honor was received poorly both commercially and critically.   While speaking during the business call, EA COO Peter Moore stated this poor showing had more to do with the product not being received properly by […]

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Violence, The Media, and Video Games

In the wake of the devastating Sandy Hook tragedy, the country has been scrambling for answers. As is often the case in the aftermath, people need to find reasons or someone to blame for what could only be considered a heinous act perpetrated by a disturbed individual. Video games have been singled out both by genuinely concerned individuals […]

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