10 Things I’d Not Hate About Skyrim

So the first details of Skyrim are winging their way around the intermawebs, and we’re all squeaking quietly about the concept of dragon battles and the promised purty scenery. I, however, have an entirely unrelated list of wishes for my future Skyrim experience:

1)  More open-ended quests: Morrowind wasn’t given to offering choice; usually there was a single quest ending. Oblivion introduced more options, with the occasional quest that obliged one to choose between the light and the dark side, but, considering we’ve seen such offerings as Mass Effect 2 and Fable III in the interim, it would seem that the mother of all open-ended games ought to pick up the open-ended baton and do its usual trick of disappearing into the distance with it.

2) No more nirnroots: The first person to mention that sodding plant to me in Skyrim is going to get one inserted up his or her backside.

3) Followers: In the Fallout series, you can attach your affection to people, ghouls or even waggy-tailed puppies. All I’m asking for in Skyrim is my own Mud Crab. It’s not much to ask, surely. I shall call him Crabby.

4) More town quests: I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it difficult to play an Elder Scrolls game for anything less than a couple of hours, because that’s about enough time to finish an average quest (especially when you’re an anal slow-poke like myself). I like to have a few on my planner that won’t take me all evening to complete, and I in particular enjoy popping on to do the ones that are a little out of the box, such as the Painted Trolls or the Dreamworld.

5) Rude goodbyes: Does anyone else feel like an arsehole having to walk silently away from an NPC to the sound of their fond and heartfelt farewell?

6) Fight music: Any chance we could have grades of danger music? The music starts and there’s no way to tell whether seven levels of hell are about to be unleashed or whether Crabby’s making his way over and he’s feeling a bit bitey.

7) Flying: I want to be able to fly again, dammit. I’m aware it was a bit of a cheat, and a less necessary cheat now we have fast travel, but hovering high over the head of a confused Storm Atronach while lazily delivering fire bolts was a beautiful thing.

8 ) Keys: I will happily get down on my knees and beg for a keyring, a la Fallout, to replace the endless list of pointless, and oft duplicated, keys that clogged my inventory in both Morrowind and Oblivion. At least they named them more helpfully in Oblivion, I suppose, aside from the odd “Key” that made me grind my teeth, but do we really need to see them? Ever?

9) Old spells: On a similar note, I would love to be able to “forget” spells. Once your Level 2 fireball isn’t strong enough to burn a slice of toast, it would be so helpful to kick it into its own oblivion. My spell list in Morrowind took almost a minute to scroll down, and I will confess to still not being entirely sure what some of them did. Turn Undead? Turn it into what?

10) Dragonriders: We’re going to have to fight them, run from them, be born like them, talk like them… could we please ride them, too? I have a pink sparkly dragon harness all worked out in my head, with matching ribbon to plait its tail. Ah go on, I’ll even stop whinging about not being able to fly on my own.


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