Mobile Review: Neoteria

Neoteria follows in the hallowed footstep of many side scrolling shooter classics of yesteryear. The game puts the player in a space fighter as the they fly through progressively more difficult levels where everything wants to blow you up. The game graphics capture the classic 8 bit feel and are well created. The levels themselves […]

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Defiance: Gun Mod Guide

When you’re new to the world of Defiance, some of the more advanced features of the game might be daunting for some gamers. This guide will address some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated so far as well as a general explanation how the weapon system works. When you buy or loot a weapon […]

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Mobile Review: Gunslugs

My experience with mobile gaming has been limited to the multiple iterations of Angry Birds, Minecraft:Pocket Edition and a handful of free games I’ve tried randomly. Gunslugs immediately charmed be by its use of classic 8 bit graphics. The game brought me back to a time when I first got my hands on a title […]

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Defiance: Time Well Spent

I recently gave my first impressions on the new third person, shooter MMO called Defiance. Since all of that information remains true, I would recommend you go read that first before carrying on. Done? Good, now I will regal you with stories from the tattered landscape of the San Francisco Bay area. Once you start in […]

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The death of Lucasarts

It was a sad day when Disney, the new caretakers of the Lucas empire, shut down Lucasarts. Aside from being responsible for many star wars titles, Lucasarts also were known for clever and entertaining adventure games such as Monkey Island and Grimfandango.   Many game news sources are taking a moment to remember this studio […]

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