Halo: Reach- equal rights

While perusing the weekly update from Bungie Studios I was surprised to see what I honestly never expected to. For the first time ever in a Halo game, you are able to make your character female. In Halo 3 you were able to set your voice to female if you wanted to and your noises […]

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Gamer Girlfriend: In E3 we Trust

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed about my play habits since introducing Gamer Girlfriend to gamine on the Xbox is that I now view games through a very different lens than I did previously.  As I look at new and upcoming games I find myself now rating them on whether or not they could be a […]

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Gamer Girlfriend: The Couple Who Solves Together Stays Together

During a trip to visit Gamer Girlfriend, she and I had the chance to play through Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper on Xbox 360. At first glance, this game seems utterly terrible. The character animations are rigid and dated, the texturing is blocky and, again, dated and the controls are awkward and confusing. To […]

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The Girlfriend Gamer: Things I learned from playing Borderlands

Wise men would say that a good relationship is all about the give and take. This philosophy applies to gaming with you significant other as well. While playing Borderlands with Gamer Girlfriend I’ve learned a few things about her and myself. I have learned that under no circumstance should she be allowed to drive, and that […]

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Gamer Girlfriend and Game Night: Epic Mash-up

The subject of most game nights is typically Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the interest of some variety and the fact that I haven’t played many matches in that game this week, I decided to go with a different multiplayer game for this week’s game night. This week, game night was hosted in […]

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Gamer Girlfriend: Wings Pending Testing

I’ve always felt the gaming bug, somewhere behind my eyes. Back in the mists of time I had a Spectrum 48k and dutifully wandered left and right shooting at flying toilets, and a little later I spent hours perfecting my Sonic Spin and named my pet fish after the dragons in Bubble Bobble. [picapp align=”center” […]

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The Girlfriend Gamer- “Chicken Kicker”

Chickens are awfully fun to kick, at least in video games. During the very first moments of playing Fable II with my gf, I got to experience her horrified gasp as I punted a chicken over a fence and did a touchdown dance on the couch next to her. This is one of those defining […]

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