Some thoughts on FPS gaming

I recently had the chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and while it is by no means a new game it was the first of the game that I had played. I began my early gaming days cutting my teeth on titles such as Halo 2 and the Call of Duty franchise. […]

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Planetside 2: Free Weapons and Benefits

For those of you interested in playing Planetside 2 but not sure you’re ready to jump in, now is the time. SOE have announced a recruitment program allowing existing Planetside 2 players a chance to earn benefits by recruiting new players into the game. New players who use the code linked below to sign up […]

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Planetside 2 : GU13 Impressions

The developers at Sony Online Entertainment have been good about keeping Planetside 2 updated for their playerbase and the 13th update since launch is no different. While testing out some of the update I cam realize that this update almost felt like more than we actually were given, let me explain. In GU13 the lattice […]

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Starmade Impressions

        Starmade Impressions   I have been a fan of Minecraft for some time, the biggest feature that has always kept me coming back is the free form method of creating my own adventure. I always have something to do be it building a city for the testificates or venturing forth into […]

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Video Games as art

Since graduating from college I have long tried to reconcile my two passions: games and art. I’m not trying to use one to justify the other, I love what I love and it is as simple as that. More than simple consolidation, I have long used the debate about video games as art more as […]

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Defiance: The plague hits its stride

For anyone who has been following the game/tv hybrid Defiance, you will have no doubt learned of the plague taking its toll on the beleaguered populace of the San Francisco area. This week players have been treated to a new mission that will have an impact on the television show. Players are tasked with getting […]

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Battlestone Review

There are no shortage of titles for gamers to get their fix while on the go. Battlestone, Zynga’s newest RPG-Lite outing is the latest in a long line of contenders for your time and money. The first thing that stands out in the game are the visuals, the strike me as a semi-paired down version […]

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