Holiday Buyer’s Guide Part 2: Buying for the Gamer Girlfriend

Looking for a gift for the girlfriend or wife, but not convinced she’d appreciate sniperdom? Have no fear, there are many ways to sidle around this pitfall. Fallout: New Vegas: For the love of all things holy, don’t be telling her you bought this one because you know she enjoys tidying things up, unless you […]

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The Girlfriend Gamer: Things I learned from playing Borderlands

Wise men would say that a good relationship is all about the give and take. This philosophy applies to gaming with you significant other as well. While playing Borderlands with Gamer Girlfriend I’ve learned a few things about her and myself. I have learned that under no circumstance should she be allowed to drive, and that […]

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Gamer Girlfriend and Game Night: Epic Mash-up

The subject of most game nights is typically Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the interest of some variety and the fact that I haven’t played many matches in that game this week, I decided to go with a different multiplayer game for this week’s game night. This week, game night was hosted in […]

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