Defiance: The plague hits its stride


For anyone who has been following the game/tv hybrid Defiance, you will have no doubt learned of the plague taking its toll on the beleaguered populace of the San Francisco area. This week players have been treated to a new mission that will have an impact on the television show.

Players are tasked with getting into an abandoned bunker in order to launch an ICBM with the cure to the plague that will be needed by the citizens of Defiance. They will face wave after wave of infected and a few surprises as well.


I have personally enjoyed this latest content addition to the game of defiance, after logging over 170 hours of time into the game and finally getting around to completing the game’s main storyline I was beginning to tire of the same arkfalls and contracts. The biggest factor in this becoming such a hit, in my opinion, are the sieges. The sieges occur roughly every hour or so in locations that often are occupied by raiders, mutants, or other nefarious types. Players are tasked with protecting multiple synthesizer capture points from wave after wave of infected that range from easy to kill variants to the more deadly “tremblers”. These sieges last for 15 minutes at a time and will go through as many waves as players are able to reach by clearing out all the enemies of each wave. These sieges are a great break from the usual for the game and I hope they keep these event types with a rotating roster of enemies to face ( I’m talking to you Volge!) To further compliment this, additional roadside emergencies that vary in style and difficulty will also pop up allowing players to take down the infected and protect the innocent. We’ve not yet seen how the game’s developers and the show’s producers will have this content interact with the television show but we can only hope they keep up the pace of “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” moments that make it rewarding to both play the game and watch the television show.



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