Soldier Front 2: First Impressions



I recently had the chance to jump into Solider Front 2 with some of the devs of the game for a first look at their upcoming title.


The guns feel great!

The most important aspect for a good shooter to have is whether or not the gun play is fun. I am happy to report that SF2 definitely has a good feeling to the weapons.

The weapons featured are your standard fare, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. Stepping into this game for my very first match I had an idea how the weapon should perform and it did so with ease. I wasn’t forced to try and figure out how every weapon fired and suffer through that period of annoyance of dying every two seconds while I sorted myself out. My only complaint about the weaponry is how the game handles grenade throwing. Your grenade acts its own unique weapon  meaning that you can’t pull off extremely quick grenade tosses and then go immediately back to the weapon you were holding. After the initial surprise I came to appreciate that fact as grenades were used far more strategically than simply spamming a room with them. It was refreshing to play a shooter that didn’t boil down to who had the best throwing arm or the rocket launcher.  The weapons also deal a pleasing amount of damage which often means that if you bolt around a corner without checking you may die a very sudden and admittedly embarrassing death.

Map Design:

Throughout the multiple games modes I was able to play on some varied and interesting maps. They look like first person shooter maps you would expect, but have extremely tight lines and it is easy to get back into the fight when you respawn. The environments themselves reminded me quite a bit of Counter Strike versus the often cluttered and busy Battlefield or Call Of Duty maps. This austerity was refreshing as the game came down to who got the jump on whom or planned their strategy appropriately, instead of relying on camo designs, or other means to mask one’s approach.

Save for one particularly brutal match of Bombing, the flow of battle felt fairly organic with one particular never gaining dominance over others. There were also multiple routes to objectives making it almost impossible for teams to simply camp one route and clean up.


Game types:

The game types on offer were Solo Death Match, Team Death Match, Bombing, Seizure, Hero(MOBA Mode) and Shatter. The death match variants were pretty standard as was the bombing variant. Seizure was an interesting take on a capture the flag objective game type. The match sets the task of one team stealing a piece of intel from the defenders and then making it to the extraction point in order to win. The stakes are even higher as there are no respawns and simply killing the enemy team will win the match. The two game types which were a surprisingly fun breath of fresh air were Hero(Moba Mode) and Shatter. Hero mode puts player into the boots of their own personal hero. Instead of the usual top down perspective with most mobas, the player remains in the first person. At the beginning of a match the player can spend currency to bump their stats that give their hero an edge. Both sides have alien-looking minions that charge out to assault turrets and they’ll also go after enemy players if fired on. The match ends when one team destroys the other’s generator. By killing other players and the minions players earn more currency which can be used to buy health packs, stat points, or weapon upgrades. Players can also buy thrown grenades that have the standard explosives but also include a flare which summons a large fighting creature to do additional damage.

The other game mode that is a lot of fun is Shatter, this game mode puts players on one of three sheets of glass. In order to score points players shoot out glass hexes underneath enemies to drop them to their deaths. Players start with a basic pistol but can shoot some floating question marks which give a random weapon. One of these weapons is a cross bow that will shoot through multiple panes of glass as one time and change the strategy of the game significantly.

Free to play, your way:

When the game launches it will be free to play and feature a marketplace where players can buy cosmetic items like skins for their character or weapon as well as boosts for things like xp. The devs have said that weapon balance is paramount to them in the game so you won’t be able to buy that almighty god gun. The biggest difference they highlighted would be a scope variant that doesn’t necessarily grant power it just will suit different play styles.


Overall my experience with the game was a positive one, the game worked and aside from some very small hiccups in performance everything played out smoothly. The gunplay was excellent and the addition of oddball gametypes like the Hero and Shatter mode make it stand out from a very crowded first person shooter crowd. I think this will definitely be a game to keep your eyes on and give a try when you’re able.






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