Defiance: Free Weekend and More!




In conjunction with the SyFy Channel’s Defiance Marathon, Trion are offering a free weekend for PC players via Steam. From now until sunday, players will be able to play Defiance for free to experience what they might be missing.

As an added bonus to players already playing, bits (the currency in-game that can be purchased for outfits and other cosmetics) will be on sale. The breakdown is below.

The $5 pack will have 25% bonus bits.

The $20 pack will have 50% bonus bits.

The $50 pack will have DOUBLE bonus bits.


This free weekend also marks the start of a rewind week in the game allowing players who did not complete the first batch of episodic content that bridged the gap between the launch of the game and was available until the first episode of the show aired.

On top of that, the Dodge Challenger Race challenge will be opened up again allowing players to get their hands on one of three unique challenger colors, the Plum Crazy, Bright White, and Billet Metal colors. For those without art degrees that means purple, white, and silver.

Trion have also updated the in-game store with three new engineer themed outfits for your customizing pleasure.


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