Defiance: Gun Mod Guide

When you’re new to the world of Defiance, some of the more advanced features of the game might be daunting for some gamers. This guide will address some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated so far as well as a general explanation how the weapon system works.

2013-04-09_00004When you buy or loot a weapon in the game, there is a chance of it have some mod slots. You are able to tell how many you have and which ones they are by icons underneath the gun when viewed in your inventory. If a weapon is moddable you will see at least one and up to four small icons directly beneath the gun.

Select the gun by clicking on it, and the breakdown of the weapon’s stats will be displayed on the right side of the screen. The mod slots are barrel,magazine,stock,and scope. These mods will grant a bonus to your weapon by granting a greater accuracy while moving all the way to improving the chances of triggering a weapons effect if applicable.

You won’t notice any drastic difference in a weapon’s ability to down enemies until you have at least reached Madera, even then the weapons ability to quickly damage enemies won’t be apparent til you begin to face the 99ers. The 99ers are dangerous as they have both health and shields as well as stronger attacks. The side quests you undertake all grant random mod cache rewards, this is the best time to acquire the more rare weapon mods. Any weapon mod that has a white font is a standard mod and isn’t worth cluttering up your inventory until you reach the point you want to start improving weapons.

In the time leading up to reaching Iron Demon Ranch (which is where you can buy new gun mods) this is your opportunity to get familiar with the various weapons and which ones best suit your play style  The mod process can be a little tedious and doesn’t improve the value of a weapon enough to warrant modding every weapon you come across. The smorgasbord of weapons do give you a chance to experiment with various mods and no experimentation is better than with the various scopes available. Each scope grants a particular bonus but can also apply a different scope to your weapon. It would pay to familiarize yourself with the names of the various scopes and which ones you prefer as adding a greater zoom scope on an SMG can be limiting and quickly ruin your favorite weapon.



Once you reach the point where you are ready to begin modding weapons you can begin by going into your inventory and selecting the salvage matrix button from the top menu. This menu is the second from the left, you will be able to break down equipment into salvage (the currency you use to mod weapons). Once in the menu you will click the top left icon prompting you to select something for modding. When you click this, it will take you to your inventory to choose your weapon. Once chosen you will be taken back to the salvage matrix and you will see the available action available with that particular weapon. Some weapons are un-moddable, but most will allow you to mod a select few. For an investment of time and salvage you can choose to add a mod slot to a particular weapon. This typically takes ten minutes of in-game time and until you have a higher ego rating  you will only have one slot available to you for modding, breaking down items to resources, or adding mod slots. The mod slot that gets added is completely random and as such I typically only recommend adding it to a gun with existing mod slots as it ups your chances of getting the slot you want. If the weapon you’re adding to already has a barrel and scope mod slot you will have a fifty percent chance of getting a magazine mod slot. The more mod slots you add the more salvage this will cost you so again, is something better done later in the game at higher ego levels.


Aside from getting a random selection of mods from mod cache rewards you can also purchase weapon mods for 500 scrip a piece. The mod vendor will typically always sell the same types of mods consistently, however some can change and you also have a chance of a particular mod being offered in the sale spotlight every vendor has so it pays to check every vendor you come across. Most mods have two or three options for each slot so this is where the user comes into play. If you favor using a shotgun but try to stay mid-range to close-range you may favor the mod that adds a tighter spread allowing the weapon to be viable at greater distances. If you favor the up close and personal approach you may want a mod that improves your shotgun’s chance of triggering a nano effect or adding a greater spread allowing you to deal more damage up close but limiting your mid range potential. Mods that offer bonuses on the stock of the weapon can also be found that grant a greater melee damage amount with that weapon. Play style is key when deciding which mods work best, so it is best to experiment and see which suit you.Something else to keep in mind is that it takes no time to complete a mod.

Nano effects are an environmental effect that some guns have a chance to trigger when shooting the enemy they range from flame, corrosive, electrical and so on. You will see an icon under the barrel of the gun on the stat display screen when selecting an item from your inventory or visible under the thumbnail of the gun in the inventory itself. These types of weapons are best paired with a mod that increases the chance of triggering the effects as your bullets will then do the same amount of damage but you get a bonus of having an additional damage model that does damage over time. These weapon types are extremely useful when dealing with enemies that force you to duck behind cover frequently. Another thing to keep in mind is that some effects seem to do greater damage to particular enemies so they bear some experimentation as well.



Once you have modded a weapon you can remove the mods and retain the weapon or if you used valuable mods you can recover them at the loss of the weapon. This takes some time to complete so your salvage matrix will be out of commission. As you progress and earn higher EGO levels you will unlock additional salvage matrix slots that allow you to have one slot “cooking” while you use the other to mod weapons, or you can set multiple slots to task of recovering weapons, mods, or adding mod slots. If you enjoy modding out weapons I would recommend regularly breaking down your extra loot down into salvage, my personal percentage is every ten or so weapons/equipment sold I will break down two or three. That coupled with the random amounts of salvage you locate through normal play should keep you in plenty of salvage to mod as you please. Breaking down items is also a great way to clear space in your inventory while out in the field.


Keep experimenting and remember that you will begin to obtain better weapons and mods as you progress through the game so it pays to get familiar with the salvage matrix as soon as possible. Stay safe ark hunters and may your ventures be productive.



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