Mobile Review: Gunslugs


My experience with mobile gaming has been limited to the multiple iterations of Angry Birds, Minecraft:Pocket Edition and a handful of free games I’ve tried randomly. Gunslugs immediately charmed be by its use of classic 8 bit graphics. The game brought me back to a time when I first got my hands on a title called Sunset Riders in my local pizzeria’s arcade area. This game definitely has the feel of the brutal, yet fun arcade classics that were designed to keep you occupied and steal your quarters. Thankfully this title only does the former.


Players choose their hero and then blast their way through multiple levels filled with various enemies, power-ups, and terrain. The levels randomly generate so they are different every time making replayability an enjoyable experience which is helpful as just like the games of yore, Gunslugs can get brutal pretty quick.

A nice feature is the random level challenges assigned at the start of each level, these challenges change from each play through and give you something different to aim for each time. These challenges also allow the player to experiment with playstyle somewhat and rewarding you accordingly.

Gunslugs 02

Sprinkled through the levels are random bunkers that contain everything from extra ammo to the ability to spend coins earned to buy a continue. Sometimes these bunkers are tied to the challenges, other times they are nods to old school hits that will make any nostalgic gamer smile.

The controls are simple with a forward, back, jump, and fire buttons making picking up the game easy, but mastering it difficult. I’ve logged more hours than I care to admit on this title and I can see myself spending even more time on it when I have time to spare.


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