Planetside 2 : Training Day

With the release of the latest general update a new, incredibly interesting feature has finally been released, the virtual training simulator. The VR room allows soldiers to test any weapon, attachment,or vehicle upgrade in the game that is available to their faction. On top of this, the game creates virtual dummies that allow these players to get an idea for how the gun feels and how quickly it can take down the enemy.

All weapons have been available for a 30 minute trial unlock in the regular game, but the pitfall was if you failed to find adequate combat within thirty minutes of activating a demo you were out of luck. A demo of a particular weapon can be tried once every ten days, so that makes the inability to properly test a weapon you want to save your certs for all the more painful.

With the VR room players can not only test weapons for infantry and vehicles alike, they can also test out all of the updgrades. When some of these upgrades and weapons cost as much as 1000 certs the VR room makes this less of a gamble and more of an informed decision. The only downside is that you can’t test every level of some upgrades such as the air frames for scythes or reload speeds for your lightning tank. What they do allow you to do is verify you’re headed down the right cert path before you lose more than a couple hundred certs. Only the highest level of these upgrades are available to application to your vehicle or weapon but it allows you to see the “end of the rainbow” so to speak, by showing where you’ll end up.

The VR room is also a great place for practicing your driving or flying technique as spawning vehicles costs nothing and there is no acquisition timer. The VR room itself has a variety of terrain that can be considered a fair swath of the terrain types you will come up against on the continents. The capacity of these places will be extremely useful for outfits who train basic and advanced tactics as they will have a place to give their lessons without being harassed by the enemy.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though, there are still a few problems that I personally have with the VR room. Virtual dummies do not move at all, they spawn in static poses and positions. Even if they remained static but spawned in random locations you would have a better feel for field testing weaponry, as it stands now the dummies are only useful for learning how quickly your shots take down an enemy and practicing aiming for the head. Both are still useful training, but I had hoped for some bots of some kind that would allow me to see just how well the gun worked in actual combat.

Another gripe is that while there is an impressive spawn facility that houses the vehicle and gun terminals as well as a shooting range, there are no other structures on the map. This is only a gripe for players wishing to train tactics for assaulting a base, but it would have been a nice feature and a great way for new players to be introduced to the game mechanics before entering the main game. I could easily have seen the VR training being where new players spawned for the first time where they had the basics of planetside explained via text as they did a self guided tour of what this game had to offer.

Overall the VR training room in Planetside 2 is a great addition and adds even more to an already well developed game. It has something for rookies and vets alike to offer, and provides a nice break from the normal pacing of the game. The ability to test weapons out thoroughly before buying is a huge bonus. If you are a Planetside 2 player and haven’t checked it out yet, you need to drop what you’re doing and do so right now.


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