A new recruits Guide to Glory: pt 3

Planetside 2 does not exist in a vacuum. It would be impossible for me to list every tip and trick because by the time I press publish someone will have invented a new way to attack an objective or avoid a deadly fall.

For the final installment I wanted to highlight some things that will get you headed in the right direction. Some tips and tricks that will get you started but certainly aren’t the end all for your learning curve. All I can really hope to do as a humble writer is to guide you in the right direction, you know the old adage, “you can guide a horse to water…”.

Anti Vehicle Turret:

While costing 1000 certs or 700 station cash, the Anti Vehicle turret gives engineers a means to fight back against tanks in a way that doesn’t require you to either have the foreknowledge to have laid tank mines ahead of the battle or that you try you luck sneaking behind these tanks hoping none of them spot you before you can place your mines behind the tank.

This turret launches a rocket that will go wherever your aiming, you can even get it to curve around some minor obstacles with a bit of practice and a lot of patience. If you were going to invest any real life dollars into this game, I would highly recommend spending it on this turret.

How to avoid deadly falls:

There are ways to get down what appear to be sheer drops in the game. In some cases should the land or base have some bumps or ledges you can leap frog your way down avoid a direct line drop that will kill you. If you don’t have such a surface to land on, another trick is to run through one of the elevator pads and if you drop within six seconds of touching it you will retain a brief invulnerability to fall damage. I would encourage you to experiment and look at other creative ways of descending as this could be the difference between surviving and being forced to respawn elsewhere.

Know your weapons:

At present, any weapon for both infantry and vehicles that is for sale via certs and station cash can be field tested for 30 minutes. Once you have tested something there is a considerable cool down til you can test it again so be sure you are only activating that trial during a battle or you risk losing it before you reach an active battle. This will be moot however when the next update arrives, the game will be adding a VR simulator which will allow you to try any weapon out without worrying about how much time you have left. This will also be a good place to test tactics, and which weapon works best for which situation you’re in.

Be a joiner:

Getting enjoyment out of Planetside 2 is largely dependent on whether you’re playing with others or not. This game makes it very difficult to get much done as a lone wolf, and as such I would recommend joining an outfit or in the very least assembling a squad from fellow lone wolves to get the most out of your combat experience. Aside from the ability to place a spawn beacon (provided you’ve certed one) You can coordinate attacks and it gives you extra bodies to help capture points and keep the enemies attention divided. Most outfits open their platoons for public play so you will be able to join and see how they handle themselves. If you like what you’re seeing try playing with them for a few sessions and inquire as to how you might join. Most professional outfits have websites devoted to their group so you will also need to find out if this is the case with your chosen outfit or not. Remember, the more organized and professional an outfit is the faster you will level up and gain certs. Not to mention all the more fun you will be having being a part of an organized group versus getting your battles ala carte from the instant action and reinforcements needed tabs on the map.

Be flexible:

I have touched on this before, but I cannot stress this enough. Your personal success depends greatly on your ability to adapt to various conditions on the battlefield. Most people have a favorite class which tends to be their most advanced but it pays to drop some certs into all the classes. There will be times when you need to swap to one of these alternate roles in order to accomplish your aims. The more familiar you are with the different classes and vehicles the easier this change will be and you should rack up the certification points even faster.

When in doubt get the hell out:

When you’re fighting in a location and you notice that your fellow players seem to have vanished it is time to beat a tactical retreat. It might be fun to have a last stand at the Alamo, but you’re not helping your faction or yourself. Sometimes the best way to capture or defend a base is to regroup elsewhere and join back up with the bulk of your forces and return in force from another angle. Once the enemy has zeroed in on your spawn room you won’t be able to retake that base, there is no point in staying until the capture finishes at which point you will be forced out of the safe spawn room into the open arms of some very high explosive rounds or highly focused bullets.

The spawn room should not be used as a fortified firing position unless all other options have been expended. If you’re unsure which objective you’re meant to be targeting, pick one and go for it. Even if you get mowed down you’re drawing attention away from the others trying to do the same thing. The law of averages means that someone will get through and sometimes it is that one even that can turn the tide of battle. If you don’t move the enemy will eventually herd everyone into the spawn room until no one can get out without being cut down and by that time you will have lost.


There is no harm is asking questions:

As the heading says, there is no harm in asking questions. If you don’t understand why your team is attacking this base instead of that base, ask. I haven’t met many “mean” players in this game, this is doubly true in outfits as it is in their best interests for you to be as knowledgeable as possible. Outfits also often host training sessions where they explain tactics and the various values of holding this base over that one, etc.

Another great resource is Youtube, there are many talented youtubers out there who do tutorial or review videos on weapons, vehicles, techniques, or just general game theory. Some that I personally follow for my education are Levelcap, and Warpath Wrel both of whom do incredibly researched, well spoken, and thorough videos.

You can also practice flying and driving vehicles while in your warpgate as you won’t crash and die if you flip your vehicle, just try not to do this if the warpgate is particularly busy. Another useful place to practice is on a less populated continent usually Esamir or Amerish. Most outfits organize capping platoons that consist of re taking a continent to little or no resistance. These are excellent opportunities for you to practice breaching techniques of bases or get some learning in on your chosen vehicle.

Don’t become complacent:

The most important bit of wisdom I would pass on to new and old players alike is to never become complacent. Strategies and techniques won’t always work, after awhile the enemy will learn how best to counter them just as you learn to counter theirs. The difference between a good player and a great player isn’t how many certs they’ve earned or what level their at. The difference is between whether those players learn to adapt and are constantly thinking about new techniques or strategies. This also applies to your play style and chosen weapons, it’s good to be well trained in a weapon or vehicle you enjoy but from time to time try new or different weapons or vehicles. You never know when you might find a new love or learn something that will help you perform better in your preferred play style. Once you’ve learned all of this you’ll be all the better for it and as GI JOE used to say “Now you know, and learning is half the battle!”


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