The Warz adds new features in next patch: News and Opinion

The next update for the Warz aims to add some of the features which players have been clamoring for since the beginning. Tentatively scheduled for a week from next tuesday (Feb 12th) this patch will add  access to your global inventory in game, Server rentals (still awaiting word on whether or not this includes strongholds), the ability to group up, as well as access to the skills tree. It was also announced that included with the next patch will be an addition to the currently implemented reputation system that will allow players to defend themselves against other hostile players by implementing a system which would detect if the player is shot and then shoots back killing the other player. If said hostile player still had their civilian rank the player who was attacked would not be credited points towards being a bandit. No mention if the player shooting at you has to actually hit you or if just aiming at the other player and firing does the trick.

In addition to the patch notes, we’ve also finally received some information regarding in-game missions, some additions to the safezones, and information on the highly anticipated strongholds.

Missions (initially) will be one of two types, bounty or fetch quest. A player can place a bounty on another players head and then deposit whatever reward they wish to offer and other players will have 12 hours to collect the bounty and the reward is then deposited into his/her own global inventory. Conversely players can indicate a particular item they want and then offer a reward for providing it, this mechanic will probably see the most use as it creates the very important “middle-man” for trading of in-game items.

Strongholds will have a greater degree of customization than the main game world as players will have unique “construction” blocks to deck out their swanky digs, they can also plant crops and harvest them to enjoy their very own zombie farmville. Strongholds will be considerably smaller than the main game world and will feature a variety of locales. The first being called Cliff Side a serene looking set of buildings next to a lighthouse (pictured below)



Some concept art has also been shown of two new playable character types that are going to be added into the game. Since day one of the alpha there has been a steady stream of players requesting characters of different races and adding more options to a game is never a bad thing

















It will be interesting to see if these new additions will be a boon to the flagging support of this often controversial game. At first glance I can’t see the bounty system being terribly efficient as players have the ability to play on any server they choose and could easily avoid one server for the amount of time the bounty has been issued for. Conversely, the in built trade system seems like it will see a lot of use if the game forum’s trading section is any indication. The ability to remove the risk of loosing your stuff to untrustworthy players will definitely facilitate the trade economy.

The first stronghold looks incredibly bland, and while I like the fact it looks like it is set within the “colordado” game world the addition to a lighthouse to a landlocked territory seems a bit of a strange decision. Additionally, two new areas will be added to safezones in the form of a vault and a bar and while the vault has an interest aesthetic, the “pub” seems terribly bland and cookie cutter to make for much of a unique environment.

Overall it will be interesting to see if these features bring back gamers who have long since abandoned the game, and please those who have stuck with it throughout its problems.



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