Planetside to add SMGs, as well as other tweaks to the game


Update: The Planetside 2 update has been delayed in order for further testing to ensure everything is in working order. No word when it is planned to be released

The developers of Planetside hope to steal even more of your gaming time by including some tweaks to the game addressing dynamic xp earning, SMGs, better anti air defense, and more in the upcoming update.


One of the most exciting of these upcoming changes has to be an SMG, the weapon is planned to have a high rate of fire to maximize its killing potential while limiting the weapon via clip size and damage over range dropoff.

The way players gain XP and through them Certs are being changed, now players will earn varying XP amounts for the players they take out depending on how long the player has been alive as well as how well they’ve been doing. Players who just spawn for example, would not be worth as much as a player who has been in the game for over 30 seconds and has racked up multiple kills. The reasoning behind this is to make the practice of spawn killing less tempting while encouraging more exciting firefights by getting players to go after other players who are in the thick of it.

There are also proposed plans to affect how anti air turrets fire to make them more effective and updating the lock-on rockets to make them harder for aircraft to shake.

What stands out the most to me about these changes and those further proposed via the games new Road Map community voting system let the players know these devs care about the life of the game as well as those playing it. I personally look forward to playing the game and seeing it evolve over time.



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