WarZ New Player Survival Guide

The Warz is starting to see an influx of new players as of late, and spurred on by a recent forum post on the Warz forums I’ve decided to post a survival guide.

This is by no means the definitive, end all of survival guides as most of what I’m about to tell you is based on my own experience and opinion.

I will be breaking this guide up into five sections. Each section refers to a particular part of the Warz as a whole and when combined creates a comprehensive list of do and do nots for the beginning player.

Player Characters

Upon entering the game for the first time, new players will be prompted to create a new character. There will be at least one unlocked and the others will require exp or GC (in-game currency paid for with actual money). The three best characters to use and minimize your visibility are the Ex Military, Rebel without a cause, and Average Joe.

Ex Military: This character features dark clothing and one camo shirt, all shirt variants are long sleeved. The best head option is the buzz cut with facial hair.

Rebel without a cause: This character is my personal favorite for survival in the game, he features a camo pattern coat, camo pattern pants, and a head option with a ponytail and sunglasses. The caveat with this character is you need to find a camo or dark patterned helmet to cover the blonde hair, but once you do this character has the best ability to blend in, especially in low light or night time conditions.

Average Joe: The average joe features a long sleeved, dark colored top as well as camo pants and a head variant that has him wearing a beanie.

The reason these characters work the best is that they all have camo or dark colored clothing that covers the most skin in the game. Skin in the Warz nearly glows so any character who is showing a lot of skin is immediately at a disadvantage as they stand out the most against the dull dark colored backdrop of the world. I’ve not test any of the female characters, but one does have a set of camo clothing and a beanie head option as well so I would imagine she would work well also.


When you start a character for the first time, you will be given a flashlight, bandage, food, and drink. Before you spawn in, remove all of these and place them in your Global inventory for later use. Flashlights do not have an option to turn the light off, so while they can be used to kill zombies and other players the light shows up for miles and makes you an obvious target. The reasoning for removing the medical, food, and drink items is that as a new spawn you have no way of knowing where you’ll enter the world. It is more common than not for new spawning players to be killed before they even enter the world. So by spawning in with nothing you’ve only lost the option to play that character rather than that and all the loot you spawned in with.

Once spawned in you should make your way to a safezone, once in safezones you can access your global inventory to re-equip your character or offload what loot you came across in the world. It also is a safe place to spawn back in as currently no weapons can be used within the border of the safezone. I will talk more about the safezones a little later. The best route to take with the loot is to spawn with nothing and supply yourself while in the world. As a fresh spawn you should avoid most of the major cities in the game as they are PVP hotzones and most players in the game won’t hesitate to shoot on sight. There are smaller areas such as trailer parks, ranches, random cabins in the woods, scientific outposts, and random cars along the highways that give decent starting loot. These places will allow you to get used to the game while surviving without dealing with players as often as you would if trying to enter the more dangerous cities and towns. These outlying locations also have a chance of spawning melee weapons such as bats, axes, pickaxes, and hammers. Hammers are by far the best weapon as they swing the quickest and consistently take the zombies down in a few well placed hits, they take players down with two to three.

Once you start getting loot you’ll want to run it back to the safezone, it is best to continue this practice for awhile to get you familiar with the outlying areas as well as stock up on basic supplies. Once you start accumulating these supplies you can begin spawning your characters in at the safezones with food, drink, meds, and even weapons. You want to get enough built up to not be in trouble if you do get killed so you’ll want to have at least one weapon for each character not counting what you have on your characters as well as extra food, med supplies, and drink. When equipping a character to venture into the more hazardous areas of the map I usually equip a hammer, pistol (if I have enough stashed to replace if if I die), binocs, 2-3 bottles of water, 5 bandages, and maybe one or two items to eat. You don’t want enough to be able to simply live off what you bring with you, but not have so little as to not be able to bypass dangerous areas if you need to. If you are starting your character in safezone that is already hungry and/or thirsty it is a good idea to add some extra food and water or medical supplies that will get you healed up and your hunger and thirst meters replenished fully before leaving the safezone.

You can bring as much as you like with you, but the key to character management is to minimize your losses. If you only bring the minimum with you, it is less painful when someone inevitably gets the drop on you and you lose all your stuff.  Items can be purchased in the marketplace, but I would refrain from doing this often as it makes losing them upon death all the more painful as you’ve spent real money on something that can be stolen by the next guy with even the most basic of weapons. If you do want to buy some items, the MRE is a useful purchase for getting your hunger and thirst replenished while in the safezone. Backpacks are also available for purchase and while it is extremely tempting to buy a larger capacity pack before you set out I would advise against it. Any pack other than the basic small pack you start with makes you an instant target to anyone and everyone. Even the most “friendly” of players will not hesitate to kill you for that shiny new back pack.



Safezones in the game are the only way to access your global inventory other than creating a new character or upon reviving a formerly dead player. At this point in the games development they are a kill free zone as weapons cannot be fired will in the boundaries of the safezone. They do have a hazard in the form of players camping just outside of the no-kill boundary to murder unsuspecting players as they leave or arrive at them, but most safezones offer multiple ways in and out of the compound to avoid such catastrophes.  Safezones are an ideal location to spawn your character in as it makes meeting up with mates easier, as well as giving you safe place to spawn in without being killed before you’re even properly in the game. As I mentioned before most safezones have multiple ways into them, with the paths varying between which safezone you are going to.

The most dangerous of safezones is Goblin Peak Settlement. Its primary route is through a canyon bottleneck that is fringed on both sides by rocks, trenches, and tree cover which are ideal for campers to ambush players. There are two routes to this safezone that are relatively safe but aren’t immediately obvious so I would avoid this safezone whenever possible until you become familiar with the layout. I spread my survivors between the blue ridge and castle pine settlements as one is north and the other south allowing coverage to either end of the map in relatively short amounts of time.  Some players opt to keep all their survivors in one settlement while others choose to spread them around safe settlements and or other out of the way locations. What you decide to do with them will depend on your playstyle and preferences.

The Wasteland:

I always recommend to new players to remain around one particular area of the map until they are familiar with it. When I began playing the Warz, only a portion of the map was unlocked, and it opened in segments that allowed me to learn where good loot was as well as the best routes to get to and from places. New players should stick to one particular area to learn where the better loot spawns, good routes to get around the world, and also to gain a familiarity with the locations. Once the eye knows what should be seen, it will be easier for you spot other players as they will stand out. If your brain is busy taking in all of the details at once you run the risk of missing other players and that can and will get you killed.  It is also advisable to avoid the major towns and cities on the map as well as Camp Splinter, Norad, and the tunnel.

While these locations almost always have high end loot such as weapons, they are also heavily camped, server hopped, and are hotbeds for PVP. If you’re not equipped properly or familiar enough with the game these locations can get you killed. It is better to stick with outlying areas and less traveled locations until you’ve been in the game long enough to have the skill and gear to deal with these locations. When leaving or entering a particular area you should always take a few minutes to just observe the town, binocs are extremely helpful in this endeavor. When entering or leaving try to identify what most would consider an obvious route and avoid it. Try leaving through a broken wall or something similar, you also want to try and keep cover between you and the town either coming or going. Using third person mode is helpful check around walls or windows before entering/leaving a building or area. When looting an area you need to decide how much time you’re willing to spend getting items. While it is tempting to loot an entire town, every minute spent within town/city limits is another minute closer to being discovered or attacked by zombies. If you HAVE to take everything, try doing it in shifts. Enter, get some loot, get back out of town, then circle around and come back in from another angle after observing for a few minutes more. The backroom of post offices also seem to be a favorite ambush point for ghosters (players who see another player, log out, move to a different server and get around where they think the player will be, then log back into the original server) so approach them with caution.


If you’re just starting out, or not interested in a lot of pvp then it is best to look for servers with low populations. At the time of writing, the server population cap is 50 people so you want to be looking for servers stating they have 5 to 10 people on them.  Another thing to be vigilant with is who is on the server with you. Holding tab will bring up the server player list, and next to each name is that players alignment. The alignments are bandit, neutral, and lawmen. Those with bandit alignments have killed several neutrals and if you’re unsure it is best to just find a different server if you see your server has a bandit. Neutrals are just as dangerous as most players do have a kill on sight mentality but you have an equal likely chance of encountering friendly players as well. Lawmen attain their status by killing bandits so they will be most likely to help you if you need aid but at the time of writing this, I have never seen a lawmen in game. Keeping an eye on the player list will also make you familiar with the names of players as well, so when they change you will notice and that tells you that a new player could have spawned somewhere around you. This also tells you that the places you’ve already cleared may no longer be cleared. This is also the reason why it is never a good idea to stay in town too long as the chances of someone spawning in behind you in the grocery store increase.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks I have picked up playing the Warz, as stated before they aren’t the definitive or only guide for new players and there are most likely some tips I have missed. These tips and suggestions are only meant to get you started in the world, as you play try to improvise, explore, and experiment with different tactics and behaviors to better suit your own personal playstyle. I hope this helps keep you alive, and good hunting fellow survivors.


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