The WarZ Cometh and other blog related news

Starting the 15th of October I began playing the WarZ alpha and as of today the NDA has been lifted. In the coming days and weeks I will begin doing some articles regarding the game providing feedback and some stories of my adventures. On November 6th Halo 4 releases and anyone who is familiar with my blog knows I am a long-time Halo junkie I hope to begin posting articles, screenshots, and anything else that comes up as I play.

Trial and Error Community outreach: I setup a community forum to discuss games and provide another outlet to get news and information from me as well. Link is posted below.

Trial and Error Community Outreach

On the Youtube front: I am in the process of renovating my youtube channel where I hope to begin a series of WarZ videos as well as gameplay from other games I’m playing now and will be playing in the future. If there is a game out there that you would like to see me cover leave it in the comments  below and I will try to do so if I can.

I apologize to anyone who reads my blog that I stopped posting for so long, real life got very much in the way and I was waiting to re-emerge once the Warz NDA was lifted, be prepared to have a steady stream of info headed your way.


Mr Ghosty


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