My Battlefield 3 experience

Battlefield and I have always been a bit at odds with each other, it isn’t that I don’t enjoy the game at all but was more that I couldn’t find a way to make it fit in my gaming lifestyle. I began properly playing the Battlefield franchise with Battlefield Bad Company 2, I had tried Bad Company but didn’t have the funds to gamble on the title.

I traded in several older games that I no longer played and opted to by the special edition of Bad Company 2 and I loved the game. It was on this game that I had one of the most epic multiplayer matches that I’ve ever had and has still yet be beaten. One of the features I loved the most about Bad Company was the fact that weapons had bullet drop. Being a sniper became more than point and shoot, and snagging a headshot became all the more rewarding due to the new skills a player had to master in order to achieve it.

Then came Battlefield 3, I played in the BF3 beta and really enjoyed myself and looked forward to the game’s release, until I saw that it was coming out shortly before Modern Warfare 3. Now I know the debate of MW3 vs BF3 is a bit of a hotbed of angst and foul language so I just want to say on the record now I enjoy both games for the experiences they give players. I have been a long time CODer and the Modern Warfare series has been one of my favorite for it’s Michael Bay esque explosive storyline and the fast and frantic multiplayer.

Long story short I opted to wait and buy Bf3 when it went down in price because I couldn’t afford two titles. When I got the game I played for a bit but with a mix of terrible internet, Skyrim releasing, and some other factors Bf3 fell by the wayside. Fast forward a bit and I had my hands on a brand new beefy PC and began playing regularly with a friend on various titles all the while he was trying to convince me to buy Bf3 on PC so we could game together. I refused to the fact I already owned it on 360 and didn’t see the logic behind buying another copy of a game I barely played. Eventually he broke down and got me a copy for my birthday and I have gained a new found enjoyment of the title.

Let me say at this point that my enjoyment doesn’t stem from playing the game on PC. I still use my 360 controller and while the game is definitely prettier on the PC I don’t care how I get my gaming fix as long as I’m having fun.

I began to reflect as to why I might be enjoying the same title I had already played and came to the conclusion that it was the benefit of having a teammate I was communicating with that made the game so much more enjoyable. Modern Warfare is a fast, arcade style shooter that is very easy to play lone wolf meaning that it didn’t really matter who got teamed up with you the game was straightforward enough that everyone could get in and do their thing. Battlefield is a bit more complicated than that, the game creates many different variables which require teams to work together in order to achieve goals.

Vehicles, long distances, multiple points of control, and class specific abilities force the player to play a more strategic way. I didn’t enjoy playing battlefield before because as a lone player it was potluck whether or not I’d be matched with a group of people who wanted to work together or just wanted to pad their K/D ratio. This made the game frustrating and caused me to walk away, but even having a second team member to coordinate with has made the game far more enjoyable. I am currently on the fence dumping more money into this game as so many other titles are coming out, but this newfound enjoyment of the mechanics is definitely tempting me to spend that cash. Touche’ EA.


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