Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard

Today is a good day for fans of Skyrim, not only are Xbox 360 players being gifted with a free update which enables kinect voice support to the game, the first batch of Skyrim DLC has finally been announced. Dawnguard.

There hasn’t been any information revealed as of yet as to the nature of the DLC other than the fact it is coming this summer and we will hear more about it at e3.

Some intrepid PC gamers peeled back the source code of a recent patch to the game and discovered mention of Snow Elves, who in the lore were driven underground by the nords and promptly enslaved and twisted by the Dwemer into the evil Falmer that players of Skyrim face. There are no definitive details about the nature of this DLC and the promotional image for it is vague at best. Good news is, we finally have some  details about Skyrim DLC, even if they are vague and frustratingly few.


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