Gaming Roundup

The web is full of many wonderful things, and it seems lately there is no shortage of free to play games out there. Two that I have recently been sucked into would be Blacklight:Retribution and Tribes:Ascend. Both games are first person shooters but they go in two very different directions.

Blacklight:Retribution is a free to play shooter that plays in the vein of traditional fps games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. They way they differentiate themselves is by placing the setting as near future so the weapons are new and exciting to play with, but realistic enough that any newcomer has a general idea of how their weapon should work. This is augmented as well by offering the player the ability to mod their weapon to suit their individual play style. Say for example you prefer sniping, but tend to bounce between mid to long range engaging distances so the typical sniper rifle will leave you high and dry if you get bum rushed. No worries with Blacklight because you can mod an assault rifle to operate more like a sniper rifle but still have the speed and flexibility of an assault rifle.

To further enhance the strategy of this game, players can unlock kill rewards that range from ammo and health packs, all the way up to a heavy mech suit if you’re patient enough to earn the credits. The presence of one of these mechs tends to tilt the game in favor of whichever team has control of the mech, but they aren’t without flaws and any team willing to work together can capitalize on them. Another interesting feature of the game is the HRV mode which temporarily allows the player to access a type of x-ray vision which allows you to quickly see where both allies and enemies are on the battlefield. It’s not practical to use in the heat of battle but allows players to get their bearings when they spawn or re-spawn.

Overall the game is worth the time it takes to sign up and download. It’s free to play with the option to use micro transactions to purchase equipment, weapons, upgrades, skins, and a few  other cosmetic upgrades. Thankfully the game is fully playable and enjoyable without spending a dime.

The second free to play title was just made publicly available today. Tribes Ascend is another first person shooter and return to an older franchise from the gaming days of yore. The game itself has several game modes that are expected of a shooter, but what is different are the very futuristic weapons, and how the player moves around the map. Every player is equipped with a jet pack and rocket boots that allows them to fly in short bursts and “ski” respectively. Combining the two movement styles creates fast vertically paced action and requires a good sense of timing as well as aiming prowess.

Optional weapons for each class in the game unlock in the usual manner, but the player also has the option to upgrade each particular weapon by using their XP. This method allows a fair amount of customization to suit the playstyles of each individual player.

The game is free to play but players can purchase gold currency for the game to unlock classes, weapons, and loadout perks. Much like Blacklight, Tribes can be played and enjoyed without spending a penny. Seeing as both these games don’t cost anything but the time it takes to download them on the PC makes them a must see to be sure.


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