The Cupcakes of Protest

The whole mass effect ending debate is getting a lot of coverage from every gaming source, so rather than just re-hash the same old same old I’m looking at another aspect of it. Recently gamers got together and sent nearly 400 cupcakes frosted in red, green, and blue frosting with the letters A, B, or C on them. Bioware stated that because these cupcakes were sent in protest it wouldn’t be right to give them to the studio so they promptly donated them to charity.

The part of this story that has impressed me the most isn’t the fact that Bioware donated to charity, we all know they’re some classy peeps. What really impressed me was the way that gamers chose to express their frustration and make their opinions known. Traditionally speaking, the gamer community is known to be catty, entitled, and fairly bratty. It is true that most of the vocal gamers are catty, entitled, and bratty and the rest of us just keep our chompers shut. It is amazingly creative and encouraging that this group opted to go the confectionery route to express their disappointment with an aspect of a game. It showed that while they were not happy with the ending, they still respect the developers. It is a rare glimpse of maturity in a notoriously immature community (as we’re represented by the small percentile of mouthy gamers online). So kudos to you cupcake geniuses and here’s to hoping that in the future gamers will opt for the creative mature route of protest rather than devolving into screaming babies.


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