Skyrim: PC Mods – Jam Session

Let me say first and foremost that I am definitely not a PC gamer, the majority of my life I never even had the option to be one due to a lack of decent computer.Sure I played Age of Empires as a youngling, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to experience why so many extol the virtues of PC gaming. The Elders Scrolls : Skyrim on PC is utterly breathtaking and to make it even more amazing the modder community for this game is amazingly strong and well rounded. One such mod, though simple as it may be, seemed to be ripped straight from my mind.


As I played through the vanilla version of the game on my Xbox, I discovered the Bard’s College in Solitude and immediately joined up in the hopes that those useless Lute, Flute, and Drum items might be playable. Who doesn’t want to jam out their own rendition of the Dragonborn Comes am I right? So you can imagine my sheer disappointment when it turned out to be more fetch quests. The playable Flute, Lute and Drum mod allows for any aspiring Dragonborn bard to get their jam on. The mod itself is quite simple, you are given a set of wood item recipes at the forge which require various ingredients most of which sort out that tat you randomly pull from Draugr dungeons after which point you then have a set of instruments to equip. All you have to do is equip the chosen instrument you would like to play, and then watch your character go to work. A nice addition to this mod is you also receive a random amount of gold as tips after completing a song, and if your audience doesn’t seem to be very appreciative of your leet lute fingerpicking skills, you can bash them over the head with your lute and do some damage. For anyone who likes a bit of roleplay in their Skyrim play through, I would highly recommend this mod from the steam workshop.You can search for user Perplexmachine on the steamworks and follow the instructions from there.


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