Bungie All-Stars Week 3

The Bungie All-Stars contest is in its third week, the prompt this time was for contestants to submit a piece depicting what they thought Master Chief looked like with his helmet off.  This week I was fortunate enough to not only make it again but have my piece referenced in the update itself even if only obscurely. Before showing off the various entries, my piece is mentioned as I seem to be the only person to make the sort of connection which lead to me creating my piece (with much help and support from my lovely wife.) “Thankfully nobody sent in nudes, but to be honest, this week did provide some of the most bizarre All Star submissions to date. Not one, but two dictators, a certified serial killer, a philosopher, and the iconic cover boy for MAD magazine were all depicted as the never before helmet-less hero of the Halo trilogy” . With no further adieu I give you my Bungie All-Stars week 3 submission, John the Ripper.

Now before you stop reading this and phone the police, the idea is a mash up between Jack the Ripper and Master Chief otherwise known and John-117. The initial concept was that both men haven never been positively identified, and Gamer Wife (formerly Gamer Girlfriend) pointed out that both Jack and John are both shortened versions of the name Johnathon. Instead of prostitutes our Hero has just dispatched an elite in a shadowed alleyway in a mash-up of two very disparate worlds. If you are interested in seeing the work in its place on the Weekly update and some of the other submissions you can see that here.


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