Dreams do come true

Bungie have recently begun holding a weekly contest called Bungie All Stars, a contest where fans can craft a piece of art based on a prompt given to them. For week number 2 of Bungie All Stars the prompt was “Moa Madness”, for those of you not fully consumed by Halo: Reach a moa is an ostrich like bird that is native to the planet Reach. The prize given to the winner of this weekly contest is a bit of visual flair next to your name in matchmaking lobbies but what the real prize is the ability to say that something you created was chosen and displayed in a public forum that receives thousands of visitors per day.

Above is my submission to this week’s Bungie All Stars, and while not fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner, my work merited being displayed in this week’s weekly update (here) which is an amazing and exciting development.


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