Holiday Buyers Guide

It is that time again dear readers, Christmas is nearly here and as we subtly slip hints to our significant others, parents, siblings, and friends we hope with all our might that they will get it right this. Or at least just get us a gift card.

To help with the gift giving, I will be highlighting a few games that should be under any gamers tree.

Mass Effect 2: Released earlier this year, Mass Effect 2 brought RPGs to the forefront of gamer consciousness and with good reason. The game was full of entertaining gameplay and cinema quality storyline that had you weighing each choice you made as if it had real world consequences. The game is a must grab now as it is down to just 20 dollars in most stores.

Call of Duty Black Ops: The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise has outshone its predecessors by outselling Modern Warfare 2‘s first day sales. With a compelling single player storyline, unique “Combat Training” mode, and competitive multiplayer this game is sure to leave you or your loved ones hurling expletives at belligerent 12-year-olds all holiday long.

Halo Reach: Bungie’s last entry into the historic franchise is without a doubt their best, the game follows the events surrounding the fall of planet Reach which acts as a prequel for the other titles in the series. The game features refined(yet true to classic halo) combat mechanics, stunning polished graphics, and another healthy dose of the longstanding multiplayer drug that has had other game companies copying it since Halo 2. As a nice addition, Bungie have also released the Noble Map Pack which adds three new multiplayer arenas to the mix and they’ve also lifted the level cap allowing players to “pimp” their spartan out in the coolest threads.

Limbo: Limbo was an Xbox 360 Arcade launched in the summer that is visually striking and viscerally engrossing. It features unique platforming/puzzle solving all in a stark monochromatic environment. The game is relatively short, but with its price tag well below the 20 dollar mark you definitely get your money’s worth.

Angry Birds Seasons: The last item on my list is less a purchase suggestion and more a reccomendation to any Android or Iphone users. Angry Bird Seasons is a seasonal game that follows the formula of the previous game(you can read my review of it here) but with a small twist. The game acts as a bit of an advent day calendar, with each level being assigned to a day in the month that is only available on that day or after.

Naturally this is only a small portion of games that would be great additions to any gamers library, but these games are a good kick off point. There are also some good deals out on the web and at stores, Best Buy is offering Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console bundles, is offering Enslaved: Odyessy to the West for 30 dollars, and a slew of Xbox 360 titles have been added to the platinum roster dropping their prices down to 60 dollars. I hope that this will help those of you in need of some game guidance and remember, when in doubt buy a gift card.


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