Gaming on the Go: Angry Birds

I have been quite late to the “gaming on your mobile phone” party, up until recently the extent of my mobile gaming consisted of Tetris ports and bubble popping. That all changed when I got my hands on the HTC Wildfire, an Android OS smart phone that boasts a touch screen capable of doing almost all that the Iphone does. The phone itself is a dream and anticipates my needs with the added bonus of entertainment features such as the Android App Market. The nice thing about this app market than games on phones of old is that its completely possible to get your hands on free apps and games so long as you’re prepared to tolerate some ad pop ups.

I had heard about Angry Birds in casual comments from other gamers, and on some gaming blogs but as I don’t have an Iphone I was unable to play this game. Then, several months ago I had the chance to see the game as my brother-in-law used it to pass the time during our holiday out before my wedding. Long story short I got my hands on an Android phone and and downloaded the Angry Birds app from the marketplace.

The premise of the game is that the evil pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs and as such have made them angry(clever bit of storytelling, that) the real meat of the game is the mechanics. You place a variety of angry birds into a massive slingshot and use the touch screen to pull back on the slingshot and angle the shot firing the bird into a structure in which the pigs are hiding in. The structures are made of various materials such as glass, concrete, and wood with some rocks and rolling elements which works into the overall dynamic well. The point of this is to destroy the structure and kill the pigs inside. You can accomplish this by hitting the pigs directly with your bird or causing a chain reaction and using the environment to crush the swine. The beauty of this game is that its deceptively simple, its not until you see the end level screen and notice that there is a three star rating given to each level. The idea of the stars is to use a few of your birds as possible, ideally the best is to use just one bird to bring the house toppling down. The game’s appeal as a mobile game is that the touch screen mechanic is easy to use and the game can be played just a few minutes at a time the two key points in making a solid mobile title.

If you have an Iphone or an Android OS phone that is touch screen capable it is definitely worth your time to download this game.



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