Fable 3 DLC and other assorted nonsense

Recently Fable 3 released their first installment of downloadable content, The Understone Quest Pack. This DLC offers two new in game modes allowing players to re-visit Reaver’s Wheel of Misfortune and the mercenary camp shooting range. The primary sell of this DLC is the addition of an entirely new region called Understone which boasts new enemies, two new weapons, and more homes and stalls to own.

When I saw this DLC on the Xbox dashboard I was ecstatic, after completing my second playthrough of the game and reading the rough tie-in novel I was left wanting to explore more of this rich and amazing environment. Seeing a chance to visit a new region and face different enemies was an exciting prospect for me. The pros of this DLC is that Understone is a very attractive environment in both of its states and ultimately that is where the positives end.

The primary quest of this DLC was completed in around 30-45 minutes, I suspect that if the player hasn’t maxed out their stats just yet it could take a bit longer but not by much. The story in and of itself is quite peculiar and endearing in the traditional Lionhead tradition but again there was so little of  it to really become immersed in what is going on around you. The NPC character who inhabit Understone were also dissapointing, there were only a few lines of dialogue  that seemed to be region specific. It felt as though these characters were ripped straight from Bowerstone old quarter which isn’t something a person likes to see when they have just paid 5 dollars for a new experience. Part of what makes the Fable games stand out is the quirky british humor and it felt largely absent from this addition. This new region and quest left a lot to be desired and has made me tentative to buy more DLC from Lionhead for this title in the future.

The other notable additions don’t add much more than time killer material to the game, again I suspect it would be more of a challenge and pull you in more at a lower level, but for someone who has already completed the main quest line I doubt you will have much of a problem besting these challenges. One nice touch that I did come across are two new legendary weapons which the player can earn by completing the wheel of misfortune game with set amount of scores.

Ultimately this DLC felt more like something that should have been offered as free content to give gamers a reason to come back. Going into this DLC I had expected something along the lines of Knothole island or See the Future DLC in Fable 2 where there was at least an hour of gameplay that also boasted new clothing, weapons, dyes, and dog breeds. The Understone DLC pack left me dissatisfied and feeling more than a bit dubious about future DLC for this game.


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