Halo:Reach – Midnight Madness

As the minutes tick by for the Halo Launch Event in Times Square, news of the lines and antics on display have begun pouring onto the web.

London, a place near and dear to my heart, seemed to witness the first spectacle when a group of Spartans descended on Trafalgar square in the shadow of Big Ben. After posing for a brief time, one of the Spartans took to the skies with an actual jetpack as the other Spartans waited patiently on the ground for their turn.

My English born and bred wife pointed out quite accurately that since it is London, everyone was trying very hard not to make a fuss.

Here in the States the frenzy has yet to begin in proper style as we near midnight on the east coast. At the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, Best Buy has teamed up with the Bungie creative team to offer swag, autographs, and of course the chance for these people to be some of the first to play Halo:Reach online.

For those in Seattle, 343 Industries is hosting a launch event at the Experience Music Project venue and from a shot of the interior I’d say the digs are pretty swank.

As insanity and fanboy devotion go hand in hand across the globe, there is definantly no shortage of people already in line in Seattle.

That’s all for now kiddies, be sure to pull yourself away from Reach long enough to check back as I’ll be posting my impressions and any other content from Halo:Reach that I think the readers would enjoy. Happy Reach Launch!


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