Sunday Edition: Halo:Reach

My dear readers, the frenzy around Halo:Reach and I am among the mob. This game has the potential to be game of the year even with several months left in  the year. Today’s Sunday Edition is going to be a round-up of some of the best of my Halo: Reach content here on Trial and Error. Enjoy!

  • Bungie DayBungie day has always been a real holiday to me, one day a year on the seventh day of the seventh month Bungie honors their fans with something special, this year was no different.
  • Forge World – As the Rooster Teeth video promised us, at Comic-con we were taken beyond the canyon and my oh my what a view.
  • Equal Rights – I was very pleased to see that female Spartans were finally made available in the latest foray into the Halo universe, I was even more pleased to see that while offering the ability to choose sex, Bungie didn’t take the route seen in so many games making female models “sexy”. An inhumanly strong, UNSC war machine does not have time to wear midriffs and focus on her tan, female Spartans were just as tough as the males and I was glad to see Bungie stuck to the universe canon.
  • Armory – In the multiplayer beta, fans got a taste of what the armory had to offer in terms of customization. With Bungie’s swan song to the Halo franchise, they went all-out and provided a dizzying number of customizations earned through the use of in game credits which players get for performing admirably.

Those links are just a sampling of the many Halo:Reach articles I have posted here on Trial and Error, all of them can be found by using the blog’s search engine to access all of them. Some of the more amazing Halo:Reach news has just come in the last sprint to the finish line. Microsoft has placed a countdown clock on the Xbox 360‘s dashboard in the “what’s new” category. In addition to the countdown clock, they have also been giving away free content or heavily discounted goods from the Xbox Live Marketplace having one item each day until the release of the game. Three videos highlighting the various facets of the game, a new Halo:Reach Premium Theme, and a one day half-off sale on the Warthog avatar prop have all been given so far.

As many well know, one of the most interesting parts of Microsoft’s marketing campaign have been the Halo:Reach live action shorts. Each short featured a different subject matter, from the “birth” of a Spartan to the day to day life of citizens who lived on Reach. One of the best of these by far is the “Deliver Hope” trailer which was the last live action piece to be unveiled with an extended cut of it being released shortly thereafter. The trailer follows Kat a member of Noble Team as she runs across a war torn battlefield arming a bomb and trying to get it to the Covenant Cruiser hovering overhead. The short film tells an amazing story, features breathtaking visual effects, and above all serves its purpose perfectly, it makes me want to buy the game right away.

With devoted fans already lining up in Times Square in front of the Best Buy Theater it is easy to assume that this latest installment in the Halo franchise will be the biggest and most amazing yet. Come Sept. 14th I plan to be right there on the battlefront with the rest of you, try to play nice and lets all have some fun shall we?


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