Halo: Reach Pre-Launch Events

Considering the fact that the line has already started in Times Square at the Best Buy Theater, it is safe to say that a few people are eagerly awaiting Midnite of the 14th to get their hands on a copy of Halo: Reach.

For those of you not in New York for this event, Many game retailers across the country are also getting involved with the launch event fever. Walmart is offering giveaways and snacks, Gamestops are featuring the “Halofest” events with prizes, giveaways, as well as an online offering of pro tips from pro gamer, Tom Taylor and exclusive Red Vs Blue videos by the guys at Rooster Teeth. For those of you interested in the Gamestop Midnight events, you can click here to see if a Gamestop in your area is participating.

I’m sure there are other retailers out there offering some sort of midnight release event but these are the few in my area I could confirm. If you personally know of one and would like to give it a shout out, email me at MrGhosty.TrialandError@gmail.com .


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